Neilipops - ROCK BIO

  Never pull his chair away...ever!

Neil spends most of his time lighting up another Blackpool band called 'The Heat'...well...unless you happen to be a young lady,
in which case he will happily tell you that he is their lead guitarist !!  He will also show you his tatts and buy you beer though.

Neil has been an honourary (read 'unpaid') member of BC for an age, even hitting the road with us way back when on our Scots tour
when men were brave, sleeping 8 to a vehicle, and roads were long and sat navs were our mortal enemy.

If it needs lifting, selling, driving or some security then he's our man.

  Neil has been killed in the line of duty....well knocked unconcious in Aberdeen anyway.

Lights, especially Pirate ones
lying about playing the guitar
Liverpool FC


Neil has more than the standard number of nipples for a man...or a woman...or a human..or indeed an ape.

Neil may or may not be able to produce enough milk to feed a small African nation.

Without a sat nav he would be completely lost...good job he isn't a cab driver..oh...

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